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ORTHOPEDIC SHOES® Jomas - Orthopedic thermal barefoot shoes | Unisex


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Enjoy the most natural gait, even in the cold months, with the ORTHOPEDIC ® Joma thermal barefoot shoe. Ergonomically designed for all weather conditions, this barefoot shoe combines a non-slip sole for secure footing with a water-repellent surface for ultimate protection. The wide toe box allows the foot to spread naturally, while the thermal lining provides warmth and comfort. A special highlight is the adjustable fit area using the elastic band, which suits both wide and narrow feet. Thanks to the high shaft, you get additional ankle protection and support, even on uneven surfaces. The easy-to-clean materials enable use in mud and snow, and the entire shoe promotes the natural foot muscles and prevents misalignment. With the ORTHOPEDIC SHOES® Joma you have the feeling of walking barefoot without having to forego the protection and comfort of a winter shoe.

ORTHOPEDIC SHOES® Jomas - Orthopedic thermal barefoot shoes | Unisex

Most Askes questions

Who are our outdoor barefoot shoes suitable for?

Barefoot shoes are basically suitable for all people who want to do something good for their feet in autumn and winter, strengthen them and improve their foot posture. The following people in particular benefit greatly from barefoot shoes:

People with problems such as:

  • Pressure marks on the foot
  • Hallux valgus
  • Hammertoes
  • Knee, hip and back pain
  • Ankle pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Heel spur
  • Swellings
  • Heel pain or splayfoot

Hikers & Autumn walkers: Thermal barefoot shoes are particularly popular with hikers and walkers, as they allow for a more natural walking feeling, strengthen the foot muscles and still keep the feet warm.

Health-conscious people: People who strive for a healthy and active lifestyle are often interested in our barefoot shoes as they can promote improved posture and foot health.

Nature lovers: People who like to be out in nature appreciate the flexibility and grip of barefoot shoes, which give a better feel for the ground. They also feel very connected to nature.

Why are barefoot shoes recommended for both sick and healthy feet?

Sick Feet:

  • Promotes healing: Barefoot shoes can help restore foot health and reduce pain.
  • Natural gait: They allow for a more natural gait, which can be especially crucial for foot complaints.
  • No restriction: Unlike conventional shoes, they do not hold the foot in an unnatural or painful position.

Healthy feet:

  • Natural support: Barefoot shoes promote the maintenance of the natural foot muscles and prevent them from weakening
  • Promoting balance: They support a better sense of balance and strengthen proprioception.
  • Prevention: Potential foot problems can be prevented through use, as the foot can move freely and naturally.

What do doctors & experts actually say about barefoot shoes?

Evolutionary design: For thousands of years, people have moved around barefoot or with minimal footwear.

Research shows that the human foot is naturally evolved to function without cushioned soles.

Studies confirm: According to a study published in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research, barefoot shoes can improve muscle activity and foot mechanics, leading to a more natural gait.

Health benefits: Research by Harvard professors, such as Dr. Daniel Lieberman, has shown that barefoot running can reduce stress on joints and reduce the risk of injury.

Unity of body and nature: Barefoot running is often associated with improved body awareness and an enhanced experience of nature.

Can the shoe get wet?

Of course. The shoe can also be worn on muddy surfaces, in snow and rain. The shoe is waterproof and the upper material dries extremely quickly.

Care Instructions

How do I take care of my Clothes?

Cotton clothes

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Cotton with Polyester

Gently rub the surface with the Towel or was according to the right temperature.

Do you have a warranty?

Yes! For 1 year from the date of purchase, we’ll take care of your product if any damage to the material occurs. Simply contact us and we’ll send you a replacement.

Please note: This warranty does not cover lost items, scratches that come with normal wear and tear, improper use or storage of your product, and any modification to your product done by a third party.

How do i wash my clothes?

Gently wash at light temperatures as described on the washing description on the item. Don't overheat or wash the items as the material will shrink.

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Sourcing & Materials

Sustainable sourcing

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No more Back Pain

No more aching feet in much too tight shoes.

Classic autumn and winter shoes are often rigid and constrict our feet. Those who already have problems such as plantar fasciitis, hallux valgus, arthritis or heel spurs quickly suffer from pain.

Our solution: The ORTHOSHOES® Joma is an ergonomic, orthopaedic and pain-relieving, lined thermal barefoot shoe that gives your feet space even on cold days and strengthens your natural foot muscles to prevent malpositions.

Eliminate Pain and enjoy life

Go barefoot even on cold days!

Wide toe box: gives your toes space & prevents malpositions like hallux valgus.

Non-slip barefoot shoe sole: brings you back to your natural gait & trains your muscles.

High-quality thermal lining: wraps your feet in pleasantly warm plush!

Ankle protection: gives you support even on uneven floors.

Adjustable elastic: ensures that the shoe also fits people with wide feet.

Waterproof & easy-to-clean materials: make the Joma the perfect all-weather shoe.

Help relieve foot and heel pain.

This is why conventional shoes harm our feet

Restricted roll-off: Standard shoes with a high heel profile and moulded toe cause an unnatural foot movement, resulting in uneven loading.

Narrow toe box: Too narrow toe boxes in shoes can deform the foot over time and cause foot conditions such as hallux valgus.

Weak foot muscles: 
The thick soles and atypical shape of many shoes weaken the foot muscles through lack of activity.

Impaired balance: Thick soles reduce the feedback we get from our feet. This can affect our balance.

Risk of injury: The unnatural gait in standard shoes increases the risk of overloading and other foot complaints.

Comfortable & Stylish

Barefoot shoes - The best investment in your health

Muscular balance: Our shoes promote the use of the entire foot musculature for stronger and healthier feet - pain while hiking or walking was yesterday.

Prevention of incorrect posture: The natural rolling behaviour prevents incorrect stress and promotes an upright posture. Foot conditions such as hallux valgus are also alleviated or prevented.

Optimal pressure distribution: The even distribution of pressure on the foot prevents painful pressure points and overloading - no matter how long you are on the move.

Improving circulation: The barefoot feeling promotes circulation and can reduce swelling and fatigue.

Natural gait: The foot has to work by itself, so that the natural gait is promoted. This relieves the joints and the spine.

Improved ground contact: 
A more direct feel for the ground can improve balance and coordination.


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3 day's ago
Perfect Shoes
These are my first orthopaedic shoes, as I now have to wear insoles, the shoes are perfect for this. I work in a bakery and I think the sole is very good, even when the floor is wet, they are non-slip. I also think they are well made. What I noticed immediately on delivery was the pleasant smell when you open the box. So I can recommend them.
2 weeks ago
Fantastic products😍
"Wow, Lestique blew me away! Not only do they deliver fantastic products, but also a lot of smiles. I feel like I've just unwrapped a present. You have won a lifelong customer in me!"
3 weeks ago
Very satisfied!
Not only is Lestique my new favourite online shop, but I think my wallet now has a crush on you too. Great deals, fast shipping and a good dose of shopping fun. Thanks for the smile on my face and in my wallet! lol
1 day ago
Good Service
"I originally had a problem with my order with Lestique, but I was impressed with the quick response from the customer service team. They resolved the issue quickly and efficiently and my order eventually arrived perfectly. Thank you for the great customer service and efforts to make my experience a positive one!"
3 day's ago
Amazing shoe
"The orthopedic shoes have reliefed my back pain and i'm able to walk pain free again"
4 day's ago
perfect shoe for work!!
"The shoe is perfect for my long shifts at work, my feet feel soft and light and i have no pain at all, they feel like small pillows."
1 day ago
Very satisfied with my purchases
Lestique has a good reputation for quality and delivery. I have bought from them several times and the products are always of good quality. In addition, my order is always delivered quickly. I am very satisfied and will definitely buy from Lestique again!
1 day ago
I don't really write reviews, but these Shoes deserve praise. The non-slip sole has saved me from a few accidents on wet surfaces on work. Furthermore these shoes are absolutly comfortable for long days.